In the tasting of Rieslings and Grüner Veltliners from the 2017 vintage, the Vinaria team picked around 90 premium wines. With 18.4 out of 20 points, our Riesling Ried Vordernberg, together with the Riesling Ried Klaus from the Prager Winery, was not only crowned the winner of the Riesling ranking, but also received the highest score of all the wines. The tasting notes of the “remarkably elegant as well as profound wine”: Translated with (free version)

“Cool, fresh, a bit restrained, a bit of foliage notes, a bit of sweet flowers, opens up more and more, cool and fresh, a bit of incense, fragrant, pears, bright, a bit of chalky notes, dry, rather snaky, quite tangy, lots of fruit and freshness, lots of citrus, sweet lemons and a bit of pomelo, medium length, stimulating.”

Vinaria Collage