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The best vineyard sites yield the best grapes. The greatest sensitivity produces the best wine. And we let nature take its course, where things need time to develop. We invest an extra portion of work where/when it is necessary and sensible. Awareness of what is good accompanies every Buchegger wine from the vine to the glass. And connects each of our co-workers with each of our customers.

Keeping current

Great cuisine during the Tour de Vin

Great cuisine during the Tour de Vin

During the Tour de Vin from May 5 to 7, 2023, star and toque chef Jürgen Vigne from the Salzburg Pfefferschiff will be cooking up at our winery. In addition to Jürgen Vigne, we have other guests during the Tour de Vin who will provide a lively supporting program:

Taste our wines this spring

Taste our wines this spring

When and where you can taste our wines this spring: At wine fairs in Krems and Vienna, at a vinophile dinner at the Mühlviertler Guglwaldhof as well as at the Weinfrühling and the Tour de Vin at our winery.

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Our current wine recommendations

Weingut Buchegger Riesling Gedersdorf 2020

Grüner Veltliner Buchegger HG 2022

Weingut Buchegger Riesling Tiefenthal 2020

Riesling Ried Tiefenthal 2021

Weingut Buchegger Roter Veltliner Tiefenthal 2020

Grüner Veltliner Pfarrweingarten 2021

Große Reserve Extra Brut 2017

Große Reserve Extra Brut 2017