Overall, the 2023 vintage was more pleasant than in previous years, which were characterized by extreme weather events (too cold, too warm, too dry, too wet). There was sufficient rainfall, but also stable, sunny phases, but no late frost. Vine blossom began in mid-June, somewhat later than in previous years, but this is certainly a positive development, as later blossom also means that ripening begins a little later into the fall, when more moderate daytime temperatures and somewhat cooler nighttime temperatures can be expected.

Fast start and slow finish

We therefore prepared for a slightly later start to the harvest, but were then surprised by a storm with hail that fell mainly over our Stratzing vineyards in mid-September. The grapes were sufficiently ripe, so we were able to get started with the harvest and bring the damaged grapes into the cellar.
After the hectic start, things settled down. The post-summer was very stable and warm, allowing us to choose the perfect harvest time for each wine and vineyard. This delayed the harvest somewhat – after six weeks, we were able to pick the last grapes on October 26.

What was unusual was that there was hardly any fog. However, this worked in our favor, as the grapes were already dry in the morning and we were usually finished picking by mid-morning. Very pleasing: the grapes were extremely healthy. We are therefore certain that 2023 will be an outstanding vintage.