Weingut Buchegger Chardonnay Reserve 2020




Our Chardonnay vineyards are located in the top site Tiefenthal in Gedersdorf. The Buchegger approach to Chardonnay has always been international in character, and refers to the creamy wines of Burgundy. After a maceration period of around six hours, during which the juice can extract aromas and minerals from the skins, the grapes are gently pressed and the must then come partly into new and partly into used 300-litre wooden casks for fermentation and élevage.
Our Chardonnay is bottled as one of the last white wines of the vintage. Quince, grapefruit and subtle vanilla notes fill out the nose; the wine is juicy, firm and voluminous on the palate – an elegant symbiosis of fruit and wood.

→ Datasheet Chardonnay Reserve, Jg. 2021 – download (in Germand)