A rating that makes us very proud: at the Kremstal DAC Cup held by the gourmet magazine Falstaff, our Riesling Ried Tiefenthalreceived 94 out of a possible 100 points. Thus, our wine not only won the Riesling ranking, but was also the highest rated of the nearly 150 wines tasted. The victory in the Kremstal DAC Cup is something special for us because the Riesling Tiefenthal is often underestimated due to its delicate structure. Yet, for all its elegance, it is tremendously complex and also very storable.

And this is what the Falstaff writes about the Riesling Ried Tiefenthal.

“Light golden yellow, silver reflections. Delicate tangerine zest and saffron, yellow peach, mineral nuances, inviting bouquet. Juicy, tightly meshed, good complexity, finesse-rich acidity arch, vineyard peach on the finish, secure aging potential.”

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Silke Mayr and Urban Stargad sitting in front of a door

And the Grüne Veltliner?

In addition to the Rieslings from the 2021 vintage, Falstaff naturally also tasted Grüner Veltliners. Here, too, we can be pleased about a top ranking: The Grüner Veltliner Ried Pfarrweingarten received 93 points and thus took 3rd place. The victory in the Veltliners went with the Handwerk 21 from Lesehof Stagård to a friendly winery – congratulations to Stein/Donau!